Do you know an individual physician’s charge lag for a specific time period?


As a result of the rapidly transforming healthcare environment, hospitals and health systems are now focusing on additional ways to enhance employed physician revenue while improving the patient experience. In order to move into a more patient-centered model, increased operational efficiency must be the primary focus.

Physician Analyzer provides deep visibility into physician practice data to help you move towards high-value service while also securing high-value financial returns. It provides comprehensive reporting that uncovers key productivity, revenue and cost drivers for your physicians.

Physician Analyzer facilitates easy assessment of volume, payer mix, capacity, charge lag, CPT code analysis, procedure code analysis, revenue metrics, RVUs, scheduling, patient and much more. The analysis process begins by gathering and integrating physician practice billing, payroll and financial data. Next, DataRiver’s proprietary algorithms along with industry benchmarks are applied to the data in order to uncover the calculated gaps. The exposed gaps provide an explanation to the reason for and the magnitude of loss within each of these economic drivers of a physician practice.

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Access Your Data From Anywhere

Physician Analyzer uses a combination of web and mobile based dashboards focused on productivity, revenue, and capacity. Separate reporting covering visit coding, payer mix, and others deliver insights across your practice or health system.

  • Physician Heat maps
  • Patients
  • Visits
  • Procedures
  • RVUs
  • Charges
  • Adjustments
  • Payments

Standard Metrics

Physician Analyzer uses standard metrics including:

Visits RVUs Procedures Revenue
  • New Visits Ratio
  • Office New Visits as percent of Total Office
  • Total Hospital Visits as percent of Total Office Visits
  • Visit TRVU per Visit
  • Visits Hospital Admits
  • Visits Hospital Consults
  • Visits Hospital Follow Up
  • Visits Hospital Other
  • Visits Hospital Total
  • Visits New
  • Visits Office Consults
  • Visits Office Established
  • Visits Office New
  • Visits Office Total
  • Visits Other Total
  • Visits Total
  • Other Expense and Malpractice RVU
  • Other Total RVU
  • Other Total RVU per Other Code
  • Other Work RVU
  • Other WRVU per Other Code
  • Procedure Expense and Malpractice RVU
  • Procedure Total RVU
  • Procedure Work RVU
  • Total Expense and Malpractice RVU
  • Total RVU
  • Total Work RVU
  • TRVU per Visit
  • Visit Expense and Malpractice RVU
  • Visit Total RVU
  • Visit Work RVU
  • Visit WRVU per
  • Total Visit
  • Non EM Codes
  • Other Codes
  • Procedure Code WRVU per Procedure
  • Procedure Codes
  • Procedure Codes Medicine
  • Procedure Codes Path Lab
  • Procedure Codes per Total Visit
  • Procedure Codes Percent of Non EM codes
  • Procedure Codes Radiology
  • Procedure Codes Surgery
  • Procedure TRVU per Procedure
  • Adjustments
  • Charges
  • Charges per Unit
  • Collections
  • Gross Collection Ratio
  • Payments per TRVU
  • Payments per WRVU
  • TRVU
  • Units
  • WRVU

Additional Dashboard Features


Meaningful Use

Meaningful use sets specific objectives that eligible professionals (EPs) and hospitals must achieve to qualify for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Programs. With DataRiver, these objectives can be tracked by specialty, practice, and/or patient.


Income Statements

Physician Analyzer can also include your general ledger data, allowing for physician, practice, or specialty focused income statements listing revenue, expenses, and net income or loss for a specified time. The income statement is the most adept and flexible device for monitoring your practice’s financial health, which is why most practices review these statements at least quarterly, often monthly.



Easily track performance by specialty, practice, or physician based on key performance indicators in your scheduling and billing data. View metrics such as “No Shows” and “Hours Booked” as well as “Office Visits” or “Work RVUs” by week or month.

“In the 18 years that I have been practicing at CCMH, this is the first time that I have been impressed that Practice Management has provided a resource to accurately reflect my practice productivity in a timely manner and providing pertinent data. Whoever is responsible for effectuating this change has earned my respect and that of my colleagues. Thank you.”

– Rob Kern, MD at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Oklahoma

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