Introducing DataRiver’s Mobile-First Platform Update

We’re extremely excited to introduce a new update to the DataRiver platform. This past fall, we took a hard look at the platform and how users were interacting with it. With that and additional feedback from all of you, we were able to identify gaps and began building behind the scenes with a brand new focus on not only resolving these gaps but rethinking how we approach building new products on the platform.

So let’s get into it…


Leading with a Mobile-First Methodology.

The driving methodology for this update was centered on mobile use. We know you want to access the operational and economic insights in DataRiver when you need them, which is not always when you’re at your desk.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rebuilt the platform around a mobile-first methodology.

Mobile first strategies build to the constraints of mobile devices, and the needs of mobile users first.

This methodology allows for an unprecedented level of intentionality across every product that you use to improve economic and operational outcomes for your organization. Here’s how:

  1. Right Platform. Right Data. Right Time. When most companies offer mobile experiences, especially in analytics, they limit features on mobile. We knew this wasn’t an option. We’ve built a consistent, full-featured experience across any device. Regardless of iOS, Android, Windows, or desktop you are able to perform that same analysis and get the insights you need exactly at the time you need them. By giving access to the right data at the right time on any device, you can actually do your job and start improving outcomes.
  2. Signal vs. Noise. Losing 80% of the screen space on mobile devices forces the platform to focus. We needed to make sure what stayed on the screen was the most important set of features. This eliminates noise that often gets in the way of surfacing insights and enabling you to make decisions.
  3. Faster Processing. When it comes to mobile networks, inconsistency in speed is a major factor facing big data analytics platforms like DataRiver. Because of this mobile-first methodology, rebuilding the platform to perform 10x faster and more efficiently was a must. I’m excited to say we’ve done just that.

If you would like to learn more about our reasoning behind our new methodology you can review a recorded webinar here.

So What’s New?


We’ve stripped away and introduced new elements to the DataDock, DataRiver’s home page. You can easily jump into any of the Analyzer products and access DataPoints or any of our recent webinars. This redesign has also set us up to bring intelligent notifications to the DataDock alerting you to critical insights and actions in your organization.

Physician Analyzer

This is by far our most widely used product on the platform so we knew we had to get it right. You’ll notice a deep focus on surfacing insights by lowering the time to digest individual metric performance. Creating and editing dashboards is as easy as a single tap with sharing, exporting, and launching research pivots available in an elegant right-panel menu.


Service Line Analyzer

Analyzing the performance of individual service lines is critical to your organization and we’ve brought a full-featured experience to any device. You can easily drill-into service lines, view trends through beautiful visualizations, and get the answers you need much faster and more convenient than ever before. And yes, even drill-down to the DRG level.


sla-imac copyDownstream Analyzer

This update not only brings Downstream Analyzer to every device but also brings a brand-new way to get into the data and get the answers you need. You can now group your downstream tracking programs into segmented categories to perform analysis, visualize downstream margin by encounters, and view individual performance.


A10 Practice Assessment

Equation has always been known for our A10 Practice Assessment and we’re excited to now introduce this product and it’s value into the hands of every DataRiver user, on any device. We analyze all of your data, split it across ten economic drivers, and give detailed analysis on opportunity across your organization. The first two drivers are available which focus on Productivity and Coding. This gives you visibility into opportunity and allows you to drill-down to the provider level.

The New A10 Practice Assessment tool

And so much more.

We’re excited for you to experience all that we’ve accomplished in this release. More so, we’re excited for the impact DataRiver will have in your organization. The opportunity to make data-driven decisions has never been so great.

Available Monday, May 2nd… Everywhere.

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