Introducing Data Points

Since the inception of DataRiver there are many users that are doing super hero-like work for their respective organizations and we want to recognize them for it. We also want to create a community-like culture where DataRiver users can see and connect with others that are doing amazing things with analytics.

Our first push into this is through DataPoints. DataPoints are way to track individual competency on the DataRiver™ platform. Simply put, you earn points for the most important actions on DataRiver™. First time tasks like taking a tour or creating your first dashboard will earn you more points to get you started.

data points

You can access your point breakdown two ways:

1) Next to your user name when you login you’ll find a blue bubble with points that you can click on;

2) In the top right hand corner of the DataRiver user interface hooked to your profile icon you will find a protrusion with points, clicking on this bubble will give you access to your point breakdown.

This is a first step for us to create a community that we feel can have a big impact on a user’s respective organization as well as improve the industry at large.

data points stats

In the future we plan to roll out features that will allow users to learn and develop their analytical skills and thinking.

As always, we are interested in any feedback you have regarding this new initiative as well as any aspect of DataRiver.

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