The movement to population health is resulting in the consolidation and integration of health systems. Today’s health systems have a new look and feel. Health systems face a diverse mix of challenges, many of which have not been faced by their predecessors. As a result, they are looking to develop unique strategies that will lead to improvement in patient care, financial viability, and overall success. In order to do so, systems must take the necessary steps to fully evaluate their operational, clinical, and governance processes.

nThrive consultants have the background and skills needed to produce high-performing, fully integrated health systems. We understand the intricacies of the challenges health systems face when integrating or consolidating with other providers. We provide performance improvement, health system strategy, technology initiatives, market expansion determination, and valuation & financial advisory services.

We work with health systems to design, develop, and implement solutions that allow health systems to navigate healthcare reform and it’s complexities to achieve sustainable success. Whether you are in need of a small-scale or a full-scale project, our consulting team will give you the deep insight you demand.

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