Analyst Training: Putting Lipstick on Your Analytics

Do you want your audience to take notice of your data analysis? Are you looking for ways to make your analysis stand out? Do you want to increase your audience’s understanding and recollection of your quantitative analysis?

Believe it or not, the way in which you present your data has a direct correlation on how receptive your audience is to your analysis. The visual representation of data has the power to make your quantitative analysis shine by making it easily digestible and significantly more memorable.

In this session, Rick Carter shares ways to dress up your analytics in order to attain the spotlight your analysis deserves.

Equation uses a custom Excel add-on that changes ‘Number to dollar’ and ‘Number to comma’. Contact if you are interested in the add-on.

Rick Carter has over 35 years of experience in an analyst and consultant role. Rick helps physicians and healthcare executives improve their operational and financial performance. He has authored many industry articles, but is best known for creating the core methodology behind Equation’s data and analytically driven consulting model.

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