Providing unparalleled data visibility and operational insights for health systems, hospitals, and physician practices.


Physician Analyzer

Comprehensive reporting and access to key productivity, physician cost, revenue cycle, and practice financial data at every level of the organization.


Service Line Analyzer

Deep visibility into cost of care across hospital service line data including payer, DRG, physician, and patient level views.


Downstream Analyzer

Easily determine the downstream value of an employed physician, point-of-care location and service area marketing campaign.


Market Analyzer

Drill down to the lowest possible detail into consolidated market data to access physician referral, population mix, and competitor mix within any given market.

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The Challenge of Big Data

Healthcare organizations have the constant challenge of reducing expenses, improving revenue, managing costs, and enhancing the patient experience all under the guise of an ever-evolving population health model.

At Equation, we believe the best way to begin to combat these multifaceted challenges is to find a way to fully utilize your healthcare system’s big data. By ‘big data’, we are referring to the large, complex datasets continuously being collected and stored in numerous warehouses across your system.

The collection and storage of exponential amounts of data is definitely an important step. However to truly begin to combat your challenges, you must be focused on the process of data mining and extraction in order to fully uncover the wealth of knowledge contained within it.

Data Visibility

DataRiver is a cloud-based, Business Intelligence platform that provides the tools to make sense of your big data. It digs below the service to extract specific insight by means of its data integration and analytic capabilities.

DataRiver gives you the ability to integrate, mine, extract, interpret, report, and manage new knowledge directly from its tools. It provides a way to quickly make sense of your data while helping you to develop the most beneficial plan of action for your hospital or healthcare system. It provides deep data visibility and operational insights across hospitals, health systems, and physician practices alike.

DataRiver provides answers to your questions.

  • What services are profitable versus what services aren’t profitable?
  • Should or shouldn’t we acquire or partner physician practices?
  • How do we effectively manage all the physicians who we now employ?
  • How do we handle commercial enterprises who want changes in network structures?
  • How we manage pay for value?
  • How do we access financial data both in context and in real time for revenues, sales volume (per capita), expenses, etc. for statutory reporting?
  • How can we track and monitor clinical outcomes & integration?

“Data liberation occurs when the right people have access to the right data, at the right time, using the right tool.”

– Trevor Kobe, Equation Founder & CEO


DataRiver takes a holistic approach when it comes to data integration, whereas typical solutions only look at a single billing system. DataRiver integrates and organizes all of your data into a single dataset, across billing systems and throughout all areas of your organization.

Physician & Hospital: We integrate directly with all major physician and hospital billing systems and can incorporate historical billing data from prior systems.

GL & PAYROLL: General ledger applications can be imported for expense allocations. Payroll can be integrated for compensation and FTE calculations.

EHR: Can be integrated for clinical data views.

DataRiver is system agnostic, meaning it integrates with multiple billings systems. DataRiver integrates directly with all major billing systems as well as many custom built systems, all with the same success. DataRiver currently supports over 50 direct billing system integrations including, but not limited to the following:

EPIC • NextGen • eClinical Works • Misys Tiger • Medevolve • Allscripts • Athena • IDX Groupcast • IDX Flowcast • MiSys Vision • LSS • Signature • Intergy • McKesson • e-MD

DataRiver provides a low cost of ownership with faster implementation by people who know the nuances of healthcare. Leveraging Equation’s DataRiver online solution enables you to eliminate in-house technicians, software updates, cumbersome networks, and downtime.

Unlike many analytic solutions, DataRiver can be integrated in only 60-90 days. Best of all, you don’t need to budget for extensive IT man hours. DataRiver bypasses all the hassle. You get your answers faster and realize the return on your investment more quickly with its straightforward, seamless implementation.

We realize that on average, health systems use three to four analytic solutions as a part of its healthcare strategy. Many analytics companies shy away when multiple analytic solutions are being utilized by an organization. Not Equation. Our DataRiver platform has the flexibility to sit on top of your in-house analytic systems. DataRiver can interface and pull in data from any warehouse – large or small. Furthermore, if you don’t have a data warehouse, no problem. We will provide a virtual DataRiver warehouse. At Equation, we realize that one size does not fit all.

Data Mine

DataRiver goes below the surface to give you the ability to drill down deep into your data.

We load five years of your data into DataRiver, allowing you to trend your data over time. You can drill down into as much or as little detail as you prefer. For instance, you can:

  • Break out key performance indicators across areas of your organization to see side-by-side performance comparisons.
  • View profit increase or decrease and discover the origination and direct cause of the change in cost.
  • Customize service lines in order to accurately trend across facilities and competition.
  • Decipher provider referral patterns by digging down into provider level instead of using non-standard service line definitions.
  • Utilize standard service line definitions to see the impact of a physician specialty across hospital service lines.
  • View income statements filtered by areas within your organization, including by physician.

With DataRiver, the choice of depth is up to you.

The deep access to data afforded by DataRiver gives you the supporting details you need to make strategic decisions. After all, a more enlightened financial strategy lends itself to profit improvement as well as a decrease in potential losses.

“We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.”

– Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media


While most platforms limit the scope of how you can view, interact with, and extract your data, DataRiverTM delivers reports across multiple mediums and even allows you to perform ad-hoc analysis. Whether you chose to engage in analysis using dashboards, Microsoft Excel, or custom SQL queries, DataRiverTM will always get provide the answers you need.

Many BI platforms tie you down to your desk but DataRiverTM is not one of these. DataRiverTM works seamlessly across your mobile devices, giving you answers regardless of your location. The platform was built for people who strive for efficiency whether they are in the office or traveling.

DataRiverTM is flexible enough to serve as a primary research or a deep analysis tool for anyone within your organization, no matter their job description. DataRiverTM gives you real-time data access enabling your health system a greater ability to enhance organizational planning, strategic financial management, and forecasting. The tools in DataRiverTM will effectively steer your healthcare organization into the future.


Proven Algorithms & Methodologies
DataRiver gives you more than just numbers on a page. Instead, you get Equation’s proven algorithms and methodologies built into every view. We incorporate our years of industry experience and insights, key metrics, measurements, and KPI’s into all our products to ensure a sound approach every step of the way.

DataRiver shows you how to look at your data in order to improve your health system’s economics. You can see how you measure up across the continuum with our standard and consistent benchmark methodology. You get an apples-to-apples comparison against other health systems along with the flexibility of using both internal and external benchmarks. DataRiver gives you confidence in your data so you can initiate effective strategic planning.

Dedicated Advisors
At Equation, we understand that even the optimum analytic tools are not an all-encompassing solution. We realize the human factor is a necessary addition. Therefore, we provide a dedicated advisor to assist you along the way. Our highly seasoned advisors have proven leadership skills and are armed with years of healthcare experience. With the help of an advisor, you will effectively harness the full power of your big data through DataRiver.

“By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.”

– McKinsey Global Institute, May 2011


Healthcare organizations struggle to share reports and files, often resulting in long email chains leading to unnecessary confusion.

DataRiver solves this issue by keeping reports and files organized and in one central location. It provides secure cloud storage allowing you to backup and store up to one terabyte of data.

Furthermore, every user on your account will automatically be assigned a folder to manage, allowing file storage and sharing. Thus, safe and easy collaboration can be achieved throughout your organization through DataRiver.


DataRiver has built-in features that make it simple to access and manage your big data. We realize the importance of managing access to the data. As a result, we’ve worked hard to make managing users as simple as possible.

Adding Users
Users are added by simply entering their name and email along with data access rights. They’ll receive a welcome email that will walk them through setting their password and getting started.

Data Access
You can manage data access rights within your organization using DataRiver. This means that each practice, specialty, department, or even physician can be assigned different data access parameters. You are empowered to grant access to those who you deem to need it, thus ensuring the security of your data.

User Activity
Keeping tabs on every user and their engagement with the platform can be a difficult task. With DataRiver, we’ve built in user tracking so your administrators can see exactly what their staff is doing on a daily basis. Each event such as queries, searches, reports, downloads, and more can be viewed in DataRiver.