Children’s hospitals have the unique opportunity to provide health care services to children through superior, directed patient care, education, research, and advocacy. Although children’s hospitals’ demands are distinctive from other health care organizations, they are also bound to the demands and pressures of value-based health care reform. In order to combat these demands, children’s hospitals need to think outside the box when formulating a strategy that will ultimately lead to financial viability.

nThrive consultants recognize the special role children’s hospitals play in the health care delivery system. Consequently, we have a specialized team that understands that strategies for pediatric hospitals differ greatly from general hospitals. Our consultants are acknowledged experts in creating new and alternative ideas that help children’s hospitals achieve sustainable success.

At nThrive, we believe it is impossible to manage what you aren’t measuring. With that in mind, we work with children’s hospitals to gain 100% visibility into their organization’s data and processes. With this actionable data, we use our expertise to develop strategic initiatives to identify organizational alignment and consolidation opportunities, integration improvements, and coordination & partnering opportunities with other children’s hospitals and other external stakeholders.

Our strong relationships with top children’s hospitals across the country have come from our ability to consistently deliver business results. Our children’s hospital clients need to respond to health care reform by improving quality and lowering cost. nThrive fulfills this specialized need.

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