Thought Leadership Webinar: Downstream Analysis – A Powerful Way to Serve a Patient Population

Figuring out the true value of your employed physicians can be nearly impossible unless you have access to a health system’s data — analyzing the data of a physician or clinic is not enough. You need the gamut of data to understand the value a physician or clinic has for a patient population.

Now, more than ever, we have endless data available to us — the key is aggregating, mapping, and then employing it so that it gives you insights to improve the value of care. Downstream analysis is one of the best way to do this.

Downstream Analysis can break down:

  • Physician referral patterns
  • Patient consumption patterns
  • Total cost of an episode of care
  • Population management opportunities

The above insights are key to helping leaders of a health system to truly serve its patient populations. We have recorded the following webinar to help you learn more how Downstream Analyzer can arm your healthcare system’s leaders with the right data at the right time.




DataRiver Training: How to Evaluate Payer Mix in DataRiver

In order to ensure a practice is financially healthy, it is imperative that the payer mix is balanced.

DataRiver makes it easy to effectively evaluate payer mix and devise a strategy that will provide the practice with the best financial picture.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to do the following in DataRiver:

• Analyze payer mix
• Determine how changes can affect revenue

Click on this link to view the webinar: How to Evaluate Payer Mix in DataRiver

Click on this link to view the worksheet used in the webinar: Payer Mix Workbook

DataRiver Training: Calculating Days in Accounts Receivable in DataRiver

DataRiver provides an effective way to monitor the overall performance of your accounts receivable efforts.

In this DataRiver User Training webinar, you will learn how to:
• Accurately and effectively calculate days in accounts receivable in DataRiver
• Trend days in accounts receivable over time in DataRiver
• Drill down days in accounts receivable to department and/or specific providers in DataRiver

Whether you are new to DataRiver or are a power user, this training will help you to get the most out of DataRiver.

Download spreadsheet used in the training webinar here: Days in AR Webinar Worksheet

Presenter: Tom Sherwood

Tom Sherwood is an analyst at Equation and has been in this role for almost a year. Prior to joining Equation, Tom completed a Masters in Healthcare Administration at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Tom has several years of experience with data analytics, visualization, and helping clients understand and learn from their data.


Thought Leadership Webinar: Mind the Gap-Gauging Your Physician Productivity Opportunities

Quantifying physician productivity can be a challenge, but it’s an important step toward improving your healthcare system as a whole. Unfortunately, the vast majority of metrics used to gauge health care productivity do not look at the right output.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to uncover the key productivity factors that will vastly improve physician productivity.

Thought Leadership Webinar: Measuring Downstream Value across the Healthcare Continuum

In this webinar, Equation Principal Kyle Kobe will explain and illustrate how to quantify value through patient entry-point time sequencing, quantification, and analysis. Through this process, health systems can pinpoint opportunities for improvement in patient access and care while benefiting the community as a whole.


Kyle Kobe is a Principal and founding partner at Equation. He is an expert in the physician economic enterprise. He is an industry leader in defining economic relationships and building physician-hospital alignment financial models as well as an innovator in population health management tools.

Equation Day Live Stream

We’re excited to have a live Twitter stream of today’s Equation Day. We’ll be talking about the future of DataRiver and analytics in healthcare. Feel free to use the #EquationDay hashtag to interact.

Analyst Training: The Basic Economics & Analytics of Physician Practice Revenue Cycle

Do you know how to interpret revenue cycle trends? Do you know why your revenue cycle metrics don’t make sense? Are you flying by the correct revenue cycle radar? Are you sure you know what you’re calculating and why you’re calculating it? Is it AR, rates or payer mix causing your drop in collections? Are you being fooled by fuzzy figures?

Rick Carter, creator of a leading data-driven consulting model used by Equation analysts and presented to clients nationwide, shares his expertise and insight in a unique, live-modeling Excelinar (think Excel in webinar format) to provide answers to these questions and others relating to the analytics of physician revenue cycle.

To download the workbook used in the Excelinar: Equation Excelinar Workbook Revenue Cycle Analytics 20150805

Thought Leadership Webinar: Utilizing Data to Manage Employed Physician Productivity & Efficiency

The average loss for employing a physician is $176,000. How do you wrap your mind around managing that loss through analyzing productivity and efficiency?

In this webinar, you will learn how to mine your data to assess volume, payer mix, capacity, charge lag, CPT code analysis, procedure code analysis, revenue metrics, RVUs, scheduling, patient and much more. The analysis process begins by gathering and integrating physician practice billing, payroll, and financial data. Only through deep visibility into physician practice data, will health organizations be able to move towards high-value service while also securing high-value financial returns. Comprehensive deep data dive will uncover the key productivity, revenue and cost drivers for your physicians.