Academic medical centers (AMC) are accustomed to a challenging climate but health care reform initiatives have brought a new dimension to an already challenging environment. AMC’s are now facing additional challenges as a result of the reform-driven agenda of high-value health care delivery.

AMC leaders of today are dealing with escalating budgetary and political pressures, external funding threats, community relationship integration, changes to payer mix, medical student pipeline expansion, low quality rankings, all mixed in with the already intense balancing act between clinical care, medical research, and education needs.

Unfortunately, AMC’s structures are decentralized making it more difficult to respond quickly to the challenges stemming from this new health care environment. To survive in today’s dynamic environment, AMC’s need to evaluate their entire system to improve operational margins across the entire enterprise.

nThrive consultants understand the internal and external challenges of AMCs. It is our philosophy that it’s impossible to manage what you aren’t measuring. So we work with our AMC clients and provide 100% visibility into their organization’s data and processes. With this actionable data, we use our expertise to develop strategic initiatives to streamline operations, consolidate academic departments, manage the complex GME enterprise, and identify organizational alignment opportunities. We understand the precise blend of revenue that is crucial in subsidizing the research and education arm of the AMC. We are equipped with the skills necessary to get you on the pathway to success.

nThrive Consulting’s expertise includes:

  • Academic Health Systems
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • IAMC Children’s Hospitals
  • Health Sciences Facilities & Centers
  • Research Institutes
  • Schools of Medicine
  • Teaching Hospitals

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