Analyst Training: Two Parentheses-The Math of Simple Analysis

Most analysis in healthcare doesn’t need more than two parentheses or what you learned in fourth grade. But sometimes our great data and brilliant models are dismissed simply because we forgot our order of operations (PEMDAS) or percentage calculations. A spreadsheet does simple math but doesn’t know math.

This Excelinar is a refresher on the simple math of analysis so you don’t get embarrassed when you’re trying to show your cool report but your customer raises their hand and says “I think you have the math wrong.”


Link to presentation worksheet: Equation Excelinar Two Parenthesis Math Worksheet

Meet the Presenter:

Rick Carter has over 35 years of experience in an analyst and consultant role. Rick helps physicians and healthcare executives improve their operational and financial performance. He has authored many industry articles, but is best known for creating the core methodology behind Equation’s data and analytically driven consulting model.

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