Optimize the power of your healthcare data.

Equation provides actionable analytic healthcare solutions. Our cloud-based Health Analytics and Business Intelligence platform empowers you to fully understand and leverage the capabilities of your data.

Our platform tools will improve your system-wide efficiencies yielding quality improvement as well as cost reduction.

Demand deeper and more relevant analytics to solve your healthcare system’s or hospital’s economic challenges.


The Equation Approach

Equation uses data to drive unbiased, concrete conclusions. Its scientific approach leverages a proprietary data-driven methodology to improve healthcare economics within health system, hospital, private, or academic settings.

With a suite of analytical tools and proven operational success, Equation provides clarity, direction and measurable results where ambiguity typically thrives.

Healthcare Systems & Hospitals

Healthcare Systems and Hospitals are increasingly focused on improving their healthcare economics — whether that means identifying performance gaps, understanding financial opportunities, improving reimbursement rates or mitigating compliance issues. Equation’s tools empower practice leaders to improve healthcare economics by reporting accurate information at every level of the organization.

Private Practice

It’s a balancing act. For private practice physicians, the challenge is in delivering quality care while building a business. Through objective and proven data-driven methodologies, Equation’s tools and services help improve economic performance and allow private practices to focus on what they do best—caring for patients.